Finished: Zara Dress

2014 4 Zara front 2

I’ve gone through a phase of searching for the perfect shift-like dress, something like the Colette Laurel, but from a company I can make fit. I started with the search for something basic, but then that morphed into looking for something with a bit of interest, something like the Zara Dress from Style Arc.

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This dress came together easily, even with the twist at the neckline. Instructions are sparse and not illustrated, for the most part, but for some reason I’m not intimidated by them like I am by Burda instructions. I did press the pleats fairly well, which I would not do again. The pleats don’t want to fall exactly as marked in real life, and I think it would look much better just being soft.

Unfortunately, this dress just doesn’t work as well as I hoped it would. I used a fairly light double knit with fantastic drape, but I think this style needs a lighter fabric still. Probably not a knit at all. It looks okay from the front and back, but the side view is really bad. Unbearably bad. Belting it helps, but that messes up the drape of the twist. Sadly this is another one of those pieces that forms the (very comfy and work appropriate) base for a cardigan…

2014 4 Zara belt cardigan