Working basics

Lately I’ve been inspired to make some simple, versatile work clothes that can withstand being thrown into a tote for my hilly, windy bike commute, and it seemed like a good time to finally make a pencil skirt out of this remnant of nearly-black denim I’ve been stashing for at least two years.

I used McCall’s 5590, which is now OOP despite being wildly popular a few years ago. I made this skirt back in the day, and though the skirt fit well I decided that I like my skirts to have a waistband, and I never really expected to make it again. Well, apparently waistbands take a tiny bit more fabric than no waistbands, and I just didn’t have enough fabric this time! This pattern is really worth keeping around for those scraps of skirt-weight fabric leftover from another project.
Image from Pattern Review
I don’t have that first skirt anymore, and I totally forgot how high the waistline is on this pattern! Super high waists were trendy a few years ago, and it didn’t bother me at all back then. Now I think it looks kind of silly, especially since I’m on the small side. Oh well, this will only rarely be worn with anything tucked in and the slight stretch in the fabric makes it super comfortable. It’s interesting how styles change so quickly!
No side, back, detail, or shots that show the ridiculously high waist – I was lucky to get photos at all! July has been so busy over here, and my sweet photographer and I see each other so rarely these days that blog photos are not exactly a priority. I don’t expect my blogging to magically improve in frequency or quality anytime soon, but I do hope to at least start commenting on your blogs again – that’s the reason I started blogging in the first place!
In closing – have you ever made a pattern for a second time several years after retiring your first make, only to discover that the style that you thought suited you just doesn’t work as well as you remember?