Finished: Moss Skirt


This post is a bit bittersweet because I think this skirt is already no longer with us. I saw the longer version of the Grainline moss skirt on someone’s blog (sorry, can’t remember now!) and thought it would make a great casual skirt for work. I chose a brown tweed wool/poly blend that I actually really like. It was on sale from and the quality actually seems pretty good.


Unfortunately the fabric has a rather loose weave, which combined with the skirt turning out smaller than anticipated and my not doing 1″ SA (why??? I always do 1″ on the side seams with new patterns, just in case!) caused my seams to just be too fragile. I wore it once, but the second time I noticed the side seam had pulled apart. I love this fabric but I don’t know if there’s a way to save this one…


Oh well. I’m rather horrified by the pocket show through in these photos anyway. I am on the hunt for more brown tweedy wool to make another skirt, though, and I quite like the pattern. It’s really perfect casual business casual, which I need more of!


Archer Progress : Crisp Fabric

The Archer Sew Along may be officially finished, but of course I’m still enjoying working putting my shirt together. I’m really having fun with this pattern and the shirt is going together very well. It’s fun to break out the precision sewing now and then!

My fabric is lovely, but the hand turned out to be a bit too crisp for this loose-fitting pattern. That first fitting was so disappointing as the rest of the shirt fit great, but then I had the idea to simply stitch that pleat at the yoke down a bit farther. It turned out especially well for me since I stitched the pleat backwards to begin with – was it a mistake, or did my subconscious know something about future fitting problems that I didn’t??

Look how well the back fits now!

These photos are from last weekend and as now it’s all done save the buttonholes, which my machine, a cheap Brother that is otherwise really fantastic, just can’t handle. Since I like the shirt so much and the fabric shows needle marks, I really don’t want to risk ruining it with lousy buttonholes. My mom has a lovely Bernina that makes buttonholes like a champ, and since I’m planning to visit in the next month I’ll probably wait to do the buttonholes then. Argh, waiting will be tough… but good buttonholes are so worth it!