Yoga top! Fehr Trade XYT

Photo Jul 07, 8 30 41 PM

It’s my first successful piece of handmade activewear! I’ve been thinking about sewing activewear for a long time, and the recent explosion of sporty sewing in blogland lately, naturally coinciding with Melissa’s release of several great-looking patterns, pushed this project up my list. The other catalyst for this project is my total dissatisfaction with the (cheaper) yoga tops available – they’re simultaneously too tight and too loose and I seriously don’t like the gaping that always occurs in inverted poses… clearly I need to make my own!

Photo Jul 07, 8 31 20 PM

This is Fehr Trade’s XYT Top, which I bought immediately after release and then didn’t make for months, as I do. This top is definitely my absolute favorite yoga top, and I want a whole slew of these! The tops come together so quickly, but not quite easily… it wasn’t an effortless road to this point, and there are still improvements needed. My first XYT top was made a couple months ago, and it ended up in the trash as soon as I managed to wriggle out of it. It was one of those times when you don’t even entertain thoughts of how it could be made better, there’s just no hope for redemption. My measurements put me firmly in the XS size, which I was nervous about, and I graded up to a S for the waist and hips because I am not a fan of negative ease. I think my fabric must not have been stretchy enough, or maybe somehow people like that much tightness, but phew, it was bad. I sewed the double-layer bra too, which was fiddly, looked terrible, and was SO tight.

Photo Jul 07, 8 29 32 PM

For this version I sewed S at the bust, grading to M at the waist, and then even L at the hips. I do not like negative ease! I also just sewed a single bra layer. You may want more support for running, but the two layers really aren’t necessary for yoga. I also added a wide band that is slightly smaller than my hip measurement at the bottom to help hold the top in place for the bendy poses. I love the band on my cation dolman top for that reason, and it works great here too. This top feels just perfect on, but i have some odd wrinkling around the neckline that seems to be because there is more fabric on the outer garment than on the bra layer. I’m not quite sure how to fix this. In my next version I plan to tighten the elastic just a touch along the bottom of the neckline, as it still gapes a bit, and maybe this will help? I am such a knit newbie I don’t know where to start! The good news is, though, that I just do yoga at home, don’t care all that much, and like the feel and fit of this top so much that I’m sure I’ll get enough practice making it to figure out what’s going on!

Photo Jul 07, 8 31 49 PM

And here’s the reason for these blurry indoor photos – there was no way I was going to brave the foggy chill outside! It’s chilly even standing next to the window…