multiplying flowers

I guess it’s kind of weird to start a sewing blog when my sewing output is as low as it’s ever been. I think it’s half wishful thinking and half feeling like the tides are about to change. In the last six months we’ve moved across the country, then again across the city, started new jobs, and reconnected with California family and friends, all leading to not much sewing going on.

When life gets crazy like this, sometimes you just need the comfort of yarn, coffee, and the repetitive motion of crochet or knitting. All the better when making something pretty to put your coffee on! Crocheting these little coasters has turned into a bit of a compulsion; Eric loves them, and also loves that they are “multiplying like rabbits.”

Made using the Flower Crochet Coaster pattern on Ravelry, which is super easy with just enough detail to be pretty and interesting. Ravelry project here.


I love the way the petals curl up around the cup