watson, watson…

Well, I’ve reached that inevitable point where I’m posting photos of my bras on the internet and might even talk about fitting issues. Wooo. It’s all because of the Cloth Habit Watson Bra. I bought it mere hours after its release – it’s basically the most amazing, ideal bra I could ever imagine, especially the longline version. While I’ve made a few Jasmine bras and activewear, I still felt pretty intimidated and like such a beginner. The good thing about being a beginner, though, is that expectations are so low and visible improvement is so rapid. Add a mostly wearable bra at the end of a couple hours of work and you have a very gratifying project!

watson 1

I made this longline version as my first attempt using a white stretch lace from Fabric Mart and a nude “power mesh” from JoAnn. I haven’t felt real power mesh so I have no idea if this stuff compares, but considering how soft and airy both of these fabrics are the bra is more supportive than I expected. I underlined all of the lace pieces with the power mesh for modesty and structure, and it wasn’t actually wasn’t that hard to sew. Straps and hook/eye are salvaged from an old bra. I’m pretty pleased with this, and it’s SO pretty from the outside, but it’s not quite supportive enough for everyday wear.


For my second bra I used the regular band version with the supplex-like activewear knit I had leftover from XYT tops, along with more salvaged straps and findings, and I actually think this version is more supportive due to the elastic being right under the cups. For this version I only used two layers for the cradle, as instructed.

For next time… I think I will use two layers for the back band as well, and perhaps even for the cups. I may also experiment with sizing. You have to trust me about these sizing problems – this is one of those times where it’s very clear that my dress form and I are not built quite the same way! First, both bras are too big in the band. They only just fit on the tightest setting, and the pink one is actually still slightly big. At the same time, I will try going up a cup size for a little more coverage. I used my normal measurement and the fit is totally acceptable, but since I have the opportunity to get the fit exactly as I like it I may as well try! I’m also going to try to make the band a little more supportive by widening the regular band to accommodate 1″ elastic instead of the 1/2″ called for in the pattern. This will also create more of the longline look I love so much.

Overall, I’m very happy with this development!  There is still a ways to go before I find my perfect fit, but this is a good first step!

Not a real cat photo today, but I'm pretty thrilled with these matching cat mugs that I got for me and Dandelion's catgodmother...
Not a real cat photo today, but I’m pretty thrilled with these matching cat mugs that I got for me and Dandelion’s catgodmother!