Anna, a new favorite


Months and months and months ago everyone was making BHL Anna dresses and raving about them, and I always thought hm, that’s a nice dress, nothing special, but nice. Then I caved and bought it, and last month I finally made it up. The, oh, it’s nice I suppose, thought persisted, even when it was on my dress form, but then I tried it on. Oh my goodness! There’s something amazing about the proportions of this dress. I feel wonderful in it!


The dress you see here is actually my second Anna. The first is made out of a navy cotton/poly broadcloth and it looks like a faded, sad thing with stiff sleeves in photos, though I love the way it looks on. The success of that dress made me pick up the same pattern almost immediately to make this dress for a family wedding. It was a fantastic wedding guest dress – simple, comfortable, flattering, just so easy. It performed well when I had to run (seriously run) around helping my husband put hundreds of beet tarts together too!


The fabric is one of my beloved J. Crew floral chiffons that I got from Fabric Mart about a year ago. It’s not a very sheer chiffon, but I underlined with black to make things simple. I could take the waist in about an inch, but decided to leave it as is for now. I knew this wedding was going to be more stressful than usual, and would rather have my dress feel a bit big than the other way around!


This dress actually almost didn’t get finished in time. I still had a hem to do the morning of the wedding, and while I thought I would have enough time before we left my help was suddenly seriously required for the tarts and it got pretty iffy. Without even realizing it was the same dress right away, I assigned my blue Anna as a back up – I think that proves that this is a good pattern for me!

Finally, here is the assortment of desserts Eric made for the reception: beet tarts, bouchons, and green tea sables. This big tart was for his sister the bride – the others were just about 2″ in diameter and didn’t have any flowers. It was a lovely, fun day, and a week later we’re almost recovered!