February Plans

The month is half over and I’m still working on that motorcycle jacket! I swear I’ll finish this weekend. I’ve said that the last three weekends, but I mean it this time. Of course, we do have other things going on, like making this beautiful Ikea-hacked light fixture!

On to February plans. The February Burda was only okay, unfortunately. The only piece that grabbed me was this beautiful coat! I don’t have much need for a knee length coat in SF, though, and I don’t like the shorter versions. This one is destined for my Someday list. I may try to make the boucle jacket if I can find suitable fabric in my stash. I’ve been enjoying wearing casual zip-up jackets to work quite a bit lately and this has lovely, classic lines. If not, maybe the skirt. Meh.
I also took a look at my Someday list to see if anything grabs me in the moment:
Lots of buttons! I’m leaning most toward the DKNY dress upper right. It’s been on my to-sew list for ages!
Finally, knitting. I’m almost finished with the front of my Stonecutter, and need a break. I’m weary of cables, and am definitely not knitting a complex design in black yarn again, ever. Mark my words. I wanted something easy mindless, but instead cast this on earlier this week:
It is easier, though certainly not mindless, and the bright blue yarn is a welcome change. I love knitting again, which was really the goal!
Happy February!

Bay Area folks – SF Opera Costume Shop is having a sale!!

Photo credit Betsy Kershner, Mike Harvey & Christopher Verdosci

Okay, I know it’s a little sad that my first post in a couple months (cat photo collages aside), is vaguely work related, but I just have to share! SF Opera is having a huge costume sale March 22-23! In addition to all sorts of costumes that have actually been onstage, they are also selling crafting supplies and a wide variety of fabrics including vintage textiles, laces, and brocades. They’ll also have jewelry, armor, and other accessories. I’m certainly planning on checking it out, but I suspect I may be too overwhelmed to actually buy anything!

From the website:

Costume Shop Sale Details:
San Francisco Opera Costume Shop Sale Saturday, March 22 from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (no admittance after 4:30 p.m.) and Sunday, March 23 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (no admittance after 3:30 p.m.) at the San Francisco Opera Scene Shop, located at 800 Indiana Street (between 20th and 22nd Streets) in San Francisco. Prices range from $1 to $750; costumes from the special opera luminaries collection are available upon request. Cash and credit card only accepted; no checks. All sales are final and benefit San Francisco Opera.  For more information, visit sfopera.com/costumesale.

Flower Appreciation: Roses at Golden Gate Park

ice berge 3

Here in SF we are lucky enough to still have a few roses clinging on into the new year. Roses are one of my very favorite flowers, despite being much more complex than the sweet wildflowers I tend to favor. I think part of it is that they are so ubiquitous and easily identifiable, but also contain such depth and variety, which is clearly evident when visiting a rose garden like the one at GGP, even at this time of year.

pink full 2
I love this depth of color! This flower makes me want to make a shaded chiffon dress with a huge skirt…
duet 2
This is a duet flower: dark pink on the outside of the petal, light on the inside.
ice berge
My favorite of the day is the Ice Berge: fluffy white flowers with just a hint of pink.
On the other side of the path is a redwood grove so dense it looks almost black.
Each is absolutely perfect.

Welcome to FlowerCat Designs!

I’ve made the move, officially! I know it’s silly for me to be doing this so soon and I’m sure I’ll lose followers who realize that I’m fully acknowledging the transition to cat lady who sometimes sews by this move, but I feel very good about it. Bennomusik was a meaningless pseudonym whose primary function was anonymity. FlowerCat Designs means something, and it will allow me to incorporate my cat more seamlessly in sewing posts. For example:


Thanks for making it to the new site! Be sure to update your readers! I promise there will be more sewing content soon, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and I’m feeling excited about this new platform!