Last Month

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I’ve been loving reading everyone’s hits and misses for this year, and though I tend to not be very reflective or analytical when it comes to sewing I couldn’t help but come up with a little list of 2013 sewing hits:

  1. Conquering my fear and starting a blog! I love interacting with you all online, and I’m so happy to also have met a few Bay Area folks in real life. I know I’ll never have a very good blog, but I’m content doing what I can.
  2. Invisible zippers! Why in the world was I so intimidated??
  3. Sewing with knits. The cation dolman  top has really given me confidence sewing knits. I’ve never been happy with my handmade knit garments, but I’ve made four cation tops now, a couple of Jasmine bras, and am moving on to the Renfrew and a rubbed-off camisole next. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me!
  4. Thurlows. They aren’t perfect yet, but again, this pattern is also opening up a new world of possibilities!
  5. Sewing again. I went through a long period where I was unwell, working too much, and hardly making anything, but in the last couple months I have been sewing up a storm. I take it as a good sign!

Happy New Year!


Last Month

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Whoa, November seems like a long time ago! It was a busy, fun month full of good music, beach trips, becoming even better friends with the greatest kitten that’s ever lived, and a Thanksgiving weekend sewing retreat with my mom. Now on to the holidays! Do you have holiday sewing plans? I have a couple little projects in mind, but I’m not holding myself to it. Whatever gets done is good enough!

Happy December!

Last Month

new toy | watching the city by candlelight | bart station sunset
opera house | someone got up on the mantle | my first invisible zipper
yay! | cubicle flowers | relaxing
October has been productive! I know you can’t tell, but I’ve actually been sewing quite a lot. Hopefully after this weekend I’ll have some photos, but we’ll see. Actual sewing is coming before blogging right now, as it should! I also knit Dandelion a little gray mouse that he found and pulled out of the laundry after I felted it. He knew it was his somehow : ) He’s really our little darling. We hardly remember life before him!
Happy November!

Last month

September was the month of the kitten. Besides work, and there was a lot of that, I really didn’t do anything but hang out with my cat. I’ve been really itching to sew, but then he gets in my lap to snuggle and that’s that. I’m glad he’s an affectionate cat, though, and I hope this isn’t just a kitten phase!

sleepy | favorite toy | snuggle
sun patch | discovery of yarn | first family photo
we watched an opera together | which lulled him into an epic nap | snuggle


Last month

Happy September! August was really about not feeling well and trying to get better, unfortunately. I did do some fun sewing though, with my vogue dress and gown, which coming along and will be finished in time! I’m really looking forward to September. I’m feeling better, and the endless fog is just beginning to lift. September and October are supposed to be SF’s “summer,” and I’m looking forward to it!

fog at sunset | close cribbage matches | friendly kitten
twin peaks over fog | home | view from pacific heights mansion
my favorite fruit | a clean window | asters

August ended on a very high note because we adopted a kitten yesterday!! He’s an Abyssinian/Tabby mix, and is four months old. I think we’re calling him Dandelion. How am I ever going to get that gown finished with this sweet kitten around??

Last Month

Everyone warned me that July in San Francisco can be gray and cold… and I must say that this particular July has been characterized by fog. Visitors and fog and opera camp.
plant is finally recovering | beige | morning flowers
bbq sauce! | crazy girl | glorious sun after weeks of fog
visitors | mums | an old friend
Happy August! I have a feeling that August will be a month of new beginnings. A new school year, the new music season, the beginning, and ending, hopefully, of my gown-making adventures… 

This month

I disappeared there for a bit! I wish I could say I have exciting things in the works that have kept me from posting, but that’s simply not true. Really, my other main hobby groups – music, plants, and long walks on the beach – have gotten in the way of dedicated sewing time. It seems as though I never have enough time for anything, but I love sewing, guitar, beaches, hiking, plants, making things, taking care of home, reading, and so on, almost all equally! Do you ever feel like you have too many hobbies and interests to really be effective at any of them?

Anyway, this is what my June looked like:

sunset from the neighborhood cliff | fireworks seen from the living room | my #1 time consumer
fog rolling in | future projects! | gray beach evening
embroidered flowers | a very happy jade plant | my sewing corner

Even though I sometimes feel like I’m spread too thin, I’m so happy with all the little activities that make up my life. Seeing these images all together makes me feel rather accomplished, even if I don’t really have anything to show for the last month.