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last of the wildflowers | pattern project | sigh new friend | hunter | september flower birthday! | moon | outside cat?
last of the wildflowers | pattern project | sigh
new friend | hunter | september flower
birthday! | moon | outside cat?

I had kind of decided I wasn’t going to do the last month posts anymore – they’re mostly just instagram repeats. But I like seeing the months together, seeing the color trends and the flowers of the season all together. September is one of the busiest months of the year at work, and October seems like  a breath of fresh air, especially with the warm, clear summer-like weather SF is finally getting. I’m also eagerly anticipating sewing up some cat fabric…


Last month

in the front yard | gray whale cove | tummy rub | my overlook | chin rub | lily | family photo | dandelion | that cat

Happy Fourth of July! Summer is thoroughly here, complete with dense fog, high winds, and 55 degree temperatures. Luckily I’ve got a warm cat on my lap and Eric’s got a pot of baked beans on the stove… Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend!

Last month

cute... | capitol roses | sactown beach flower | birthday cat | favorite slipper friday night | getting gray | hemlock
cute… | capitol roses | sactown
beach flower | birthday cat | favorite slippers
friday night | getting gray | hemlock

I’m just going to stop saying that this month was crazy and hopefully next month will quiet down a bit. It never will!

May was centered around my good friend’s wedding, which now feels like it was ages ago. It was all very beautiful, but wow, weddings can be so exhausting, even when you’re not the bride! The wedding was held in a little town northeast of Sacramento, and the morning of we took a quick side trip to our beloved city, which has the very best rose garden I’ve ever seen. It’s one of my all-time favorite places!

May also marked Dandelion’s first birthday. My little kitten’s officially a cat! I’ve been looking over his baby pictures, he was so tiny and skinny! Oh, I miss those days and his sweet, awkward kitten antics!

Photo Sep 01, 12 34 17 PM

Last month

glittery african violets, bath, daisy | time to quilt!, beach find, morning | poppies, learning to hand-roll a hem, spring flowers
glittery african violets | bath | daisy time to quilt! | beach find | morning poppies | learning to hand-roll a hem | spring flowers

Spring flowers are here! At the beginning of April the first wildflowers were only just starting to emerge, but on a little hike at San Bruno Mountain last weekend there were flowers all over. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! In other news, Dandelion is one on Monday… I don’t know how I feel about that. My little kitten is all grown up!

Have a happy May! I’m already loving everyone’s MMM posts, but I’m also so relieved to not be participating this year…

Last month

magnolia | silk chiffon | ubiquitous SF flower grab | BFF | march flower sunny surveillance | beach cliff foliage | foggy surveillance
magnolia | silk chiffon | the san francisco flower
grab | bff | march flower
sunny surveillance | wildflower beginnings | foggy surveillance

The months all go by so fast! I can hardly believe it’s April already. I just love the spring. The new season is apparent even in SF – trees are flowering, new grass is growing, and our wildflowers are beginning to reemerge. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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water cat 2 | mt. tam | bat watching
beach walk | best friends | work in progress
!!! | first daffodils | hunter

Wow, a whole month has gone by! February was a blur. Work has been dramatic, but I hope the worst is over and I’ll have more energy to take and post photos as well as keep up on commenting. I have been sewing, and am so thankful for the steadiness and creativity inherent in the craft!

Here’s to a peaceful and productive March!

Last Month


1. New frontiers; nap buddies; kitten memories
2. Water cat; ocean beach; my beauty
3. Hansel and Gretel; box cat; January flowers

January was intense – I need a vacation already! It was full of happy moments, though, like looking back at Dandelion’s kitten pictures for the first time. He’s grown so much! Love that cat.