Welcome! I’m Kelly, and my best friend and sewing partner, the flowercat, is Dandelion. This blog is mainly about sewing clothes and other crafts, but I also post about hiking and flowers, my other passion. Long before I brought Dandelion home, I made an informal promise with myself that all my pets would be named after flowers. Dandelion just fit him, and really it’s a pretty masculine name for a flower. The nickname “flowercat” came from one of my line cook husband’s coworkers, who one day in frustration yelled, “Oh, just go home and pet your f—— flower cat!” The name has stuck!

A few things about me:

  • I live on the outskirts of SF, and can see the ocean from my home. I still can’t really believe that.
  • I love plants and animals (flowers and cats, for example, but trees and dogs are nice too).
  • I work in arts education.
  • Playing guitar, and music in general, is my third passion. These passions all compete and I never have enough time to do any of them as I would like.

A few things about Dandelion:

  • He’s the best cat that’s ever lived.
  • He’s a Tabby/Abyssinian mix, and is thus the most beautiful cat that’s ever lived, though I do admit his head is a little small compared to his body.
  • For every beautiful photo we have of him, we have another with one eye half closed. Wonk face.
  • He likes to get on the laptop and nearly always ends up trying to write code.
  • He was born on Cinco de Mayo, 2013.
  • His favorite toy is an old, used-up thread spool.

By the way, my online pseudonym for years was bennomusik, and that’s what I’m known by on Pattern Review, BurdaStyle, Ravelry, Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter, and so on. The first blog I started was bennomusik.blogspot.com, but then I adopted a cat, he took over my identity, and I felt the need to integrate Dandelion more fully into my blog. Also, bennomusik has a nice sound and look, but it’s meaningless. Seriously. I don’t even remember how I came up with it. I’m moving the blog over to FlowerCat Designs first, and we’ll see about the rest. I’m really in this just to interface with other sewists.


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