Green Suede Jacket!


It’s finished! This jacket is one of my favorite projects of all time. Despite often sewing projects requiring more skills than I possessed since 2009, I never made a real jacket (not counting Grainline’s Morris). I was intimidated, and also thought I didn’t really like wearing jackets. Well, lately I’ve been gravitating to the jackets in my closet, and when nothing else called to me in the January 2017 Burda issue, I decided to give it a go.



What really sold me on this design was the top stitched elbow patches and back panel. What almost stopped me was the thought of sourcing all those zippers. I ended up just buying the one zipper for the front and leaving the rest off. It’s made in a sage green faux suede that has been in my stash for some time. I’m glad to see it go!



Part of the joy of this project was all the topstitching. Having an edgestitching foot makes all the difference! So easy and SO satisfying.


The color is nearly impossible to photograph, and ugh, photography. I have finally figured out a good set up to take my own photos, but they turn out terrible. I’m not sure if my phone isn’t focusing right, or light is bad, or what it is. When I take the photos on my dress form they turn out okay. When I take them with a remote they are grainy and out of focus. Sigh.

Photos aside, I’m so pleased with this jacket and the process of making it! There will be more jackets in my future, I’m sure!


15 thoughts on “Green Suede Jacket!

  1. that looks fantastic, and it is such a tricky fabric to sew. It looks like real suede. Love it and great fit too.

    1. Thanks! The biggest issue I had with the suede was pressing. This jacket only looks as good as it does because those seams are topstitched flat!

  2. Great jacket! Should be perfect for the upcoming spring 🙂 I must admit I’d love to make one myself but I haven’t done any jackets in the past yet so I’m not sure if this one would be a good pattern to go with. Nevertheless, I love the way it looks 🙂

    1. Thank you!! It’s not the easiest pattern, but it’s not that bad. I actually had never made a real jacket either, but was pleasantly surprised! If you did the pockets and all the zippers it would be a bigger project, though.

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