drape drape!


For the big spring fundraiser, we held a fashion show featuring Erdem (whose designs I love – so many amazing florals!). I had a lot going on and almost wore a simple black dress, but decided to make something at the very last minute. It was either going to be a myrtle or the v-neck dress from the first Drape Drape book and I’m SO happy I took the second route!

Screenshot 2015-05-17 at 8.28.57 AM

You’ll notice the bodice is totally different than the illustration. That’s because it turned out big (?!) and was mostly obscene. I just subbed a hastily drawn bodice based on the Renfrew, which I then took in a lot. It’s fine.

you can really tell here that I put it on the dress form backwards… it’s so snug on the form I didn’t want to risk popping stitches to fix my mistake!

But, oh this skirt! It’s amazing! I love the way it looks on, so elegant and graceful. The skirt is much fuller at the hem than I thought it would be, which makes it extra comfortable. Perfect for running around working an event.


My favorite part, though, was the process of putting it together. I can’t even say how much fun I had! Despite the complex look it was quite straightforward and satisfying to make – just match notches following the diagram and that’s that. It took less than an hour to put the skirt together, and if I hadn’t had to redo the bodice it would have been a 3-hour dress, maybe 4 if you count tracing. You could make this the night before an event and in complete honesty say, “oh, this? I just whipped this up last night,” as if it were nothing.

I’m really looking forward to more drape drape projects!

next up... morris!
next up… morris!

10 thoughts on “drape drape!

  1. Ooh I bet you looked fantastic! I ended up sewing my own bodice onto the skirt, too, and I like the look of it much better. And I can’t believe you whipped it together that quickly!

    1. I’m actually kind of glad it worked out this way – I like the simple tank neckline better too! I’m going to have to check out your version 🙂

  2. Gorgeous!! I actually think the dress is much more effective with the simple bodice you subbed in. I might have to break down and get this book – which book is this dress in?

    1. It’s from the first Drape Drape book. I really love this series, even though many of the designs are not totally practical for the everyday sort of person. I got this one first, and then promptly got the other two!

    1. It’s not a color I normally go for, but it was really cheap! It actually worked great for this dress and I see it being useful for holiday events too. By the way, I’m planning on joining you all next month 🙂

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