Flowery vogue top


I’m just going to go ahead and start by talking about the fabric. Fabric Mart had a bunch of this large scale floral chiffon by J Crew for $2-4 per yard a while back, and despite the fact that no one needs that much poly chiffon I got it all. As in four yards of each of the four fabrics (two different prints, two colorways each). This fabric is the stuff of my dreams. Despite my shy nature I love large scale florals, especially when they are broken up by pleats and seaming, and the colors are fantastic. This colorway may be my very favorite – gray background with peach roses, dark purple irises, olive leaves, and flashes of yellow in the irises.

Vogue 1247, from Pattern Review

The design is pretty good too. This is Vogue 1247, the Rachel Comey pattern with that great skirt that everyone has made. I bought the pattern for the skirt, and actually planned on making both pieces at the same time. That would have worked except apparently I forgot how to sew by the time I got to the skirt. Despite having just made a fiddly chiffon top the cotton skirt bested me. Of course it’s totally fixable but I threw it in my scrap/UFO bin last weekend and figured I’d better just get the top up by itself. It could be a while before that skirt gets finished…


My favorite feature of this design is the way the pleats form a bit of a sleeve cap in an otherwise boxy style. I tend to live on the edge and not look at Pattern Review before diving into a project, so that was a happy surprise. Otherwise the top went together as expected. I used quite a bit of hand stitching on this garment – the pleats and the neckline are secured by a running stitch and the hem is hand rolled. It may an Alabama Chanin influence, but I’m finding myself using hand stitching in visible, intentional ways lately. I’ve never had a problem with stitches showing, it’s sewing after all, and in this case it would have been hard to make machine stitching look good. Maybe I should strive for perfection on the machine, but eh, I don’t really care.

vouge back and side

I didn’t even think about pattern matching or not matching, but I should have because, ugh, that back. It’s not even the same flower, but it’s too close. Oh well, what’s done is done. The back view isn’t terribly flattering, especially on my stationary dress form, but the chiffon is sheer enough to show there is a shape underneath. I’ll probably wear this with a tan or gray camisole.

All in all I’m very happy with this top. Lightweight and loose floral tops are part of my work uniform, and this one is a favorite already!

This was the first rainless January in San Francisco in recorded history. Dandelion has been enjoying the sunshine, but we’re all a little worried…



11 thoughts on “Flowery vogue top

  1. I’ve never been in love with this pattern (I think I’m the only one!) but man, I LOVE THIS!!! I think I’m your large-scale-floral soul mate 🙂 Add in chiffon and the visible hand stitching and I’m a goner!

    I keep hearing about these J. Crew fabric hauls from Fabric Mart – I think I’m going to have to check it out!

    1. Hooray for large scale florals!! I wasn’t into the top part of this pattern either and never planned to make it, but the seaming was just right. So many times it seems like it’s the patterns I don’t think I’ll make that end up getting sewn while those I loved languish away.

      Well, I bought this fabric a year ago and I haven’t seen J. Crew fabric there in a while. 😦 They had a number of silk/cotton voiles that were very popular (I got quite a bit of that too, my stash pretty much doubled in one go during that sale!), but so far I haven’t seen any of these florals made up. I consider these fabrics to be my greatest fabric buy yet!

    1. Thanks, Noelle, and thanks for commenting so now I can follow you! I love most blogs, but it’s really fun to follow someone local. Your latest linden looks great!

  2. This is beautiful. I’ve been meaning to try this pattern out for a while, but I suspect I won’t like it (boxy shape), though I’ve seen lots made up online (your’s included) that I’ve really liked. Did you make the size that matched your measurements or did you find that you had to go down a size?

    1. It’s pretty boxy. I made my usual size and while it looks okay from the front and kind of from the side, the back view is definitely boxy to the point of not looking very good. I don’t know if I would be so happy with it if the fabric weren’t light and sheer. I look at it as a bit of a novelty top, not going to be tried and true, so I’m okay with it not being the most flattering garment out there!

  3. Your top is gorgeous, and I wouldn’t worry about the print on the back. When you’re wearing it, you won’t see it! I can see why you love the fabric so much, it’s absolutely beautiful, and it would have been criminal not to buy every colour at that price! I say you made a wise decision. .

  4. This turned out really well — such a beautiful print + colors. I wouldn’t worry about the back — no one will notice! Good job on scoring all those J. Crew prints — I was too late to the party! Dandelion looks so good in the harness — my Simon loves going out (supervised on a harness too, of course). Looks like rain tomorrow, which is a good thing!

    1. Taking them outside is so great! So many smells and interesting noises. It’s good for me too – I often take him out right before bed, and it’s become such a peaceful tradition. He wanders on a leash, I follow wherever he goes and just look at the stars while sipping tea. I would never have gone out in the yard at night if it weren’t for his pawing at the door and whining to go outside!

  5. I love everything about this top. I think it’s the kind of pattern that needs this type of fabric and print. Love it. I have this pattern in my stash and now I want to make it.

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