Coppelia pullover


Papercut Patterns is a brand new company for me, but here’s two in a row! I’ve enjoyed both patterns quite a bit, and this one was one of those magical knit projects that goes together beautifully. The fabric, a cotton sweater knit from Fabric Mart, certainly deserves some of the credit for this sweater’s success, but I want to make up the pattern again too!

I made the long version straight version. A dreaming cat is on my lap at the moment so I can’t get up to see what sizes were used, but as always I graded from a smaller size to a bigger size that happened to match my measurement perfectly at the hip. While I think it fits as intended, next time I will add a little more room at the hip and lengthen the top a bit more. I think this top will work great with dresses and skirts that sit closer to the natural waist, but it’s a little too tight and/or a little too short to be totally comfortable with pants.


My very favorite thing about this pattern, which would make it worth it to me even if the rest of the pattern didn’t work at all, is the sleeves. They are absolutely perfect. I have an ancient tee from Target that also has the perfect sleeves, and while I should have been able to figure them out myself there’s always been something not quite right with my own attempts. Coppelia’s long, narrow cuffs are my dream come true and the lower sleeve and cuff shapes will be added to every other knit pattern I own from now on!

The one thing I’m not totally happy about is the bulk of the seams and the resulting ridge that you can see in these photos at every seam. I graded and used the clapper, but there’s still a bit too much bulk. The fabric is somewhat thick and dense, though, so I guess I understand…


Finally my little cat. I think he’s been cuter lately, somehow.



14 thoughts on “Coppelia pullover

  1. Whoa, our kitties could be twins in that last photo… I wonder if there’s something they’re not telling us? Great top, and congrats on finding your ultimate sleeve!

  2. Great top — I like the faux wrap style in front. I’m wondering why the sleeves are perfect — is it the width, the length, the style, etc.? Just curious!

    1. Yes to all. Mostly the width, and length too, at the forearm and wrist. I would have thought the sleeves on my other knit tops were fine, except I had that comparison to the wonderful Target tee, and my alterations got close but I hadn’t quite landed on it. I’m sure I’ll have some width adjusting to do with stretchier or less stretchy knits, but this is exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

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