Archer #2: the rumply version


This shirt came after the success of my first floral Archer and prior to the ultimate success of my flowercat Archer. While not quite as exciting as either of those, this casual shirt is beloved too!


I made this shirt in my original size 2 (I sized up to 4 for my flowercat shirt), but since this fabric is very stretchy the fit is comfortable. The fabric was a super cheap chambray from Fabric Mart that I bought ages ago to make a shirt. It was only a couple dollars a yard and my expectations weren’t high, but I loved the fabric when it arrived. It has a crinkly, gauzy texture that resulted in a significant amount of stretch even when rigorously pressed prior to cutting, and also caused uneven stripy dyeing that I really like.


I feel like this fabric was meant to be an Archer, and that this Archer is meant to be worn outside on warm days. It makes me want to garden, hike, camp, visit my parents in their high desert home in summer, or just sit outside with a book, all of which I hope to do in 2015.

I leave you with the family photo we grudgingly took for my in-laws christmas card. Cat was NOT happy to be rudely interrupted from his fantasy hunting.



6 thoughts on “Archer #2: the rumply version

  1. Very nice! I can tell from the photos how soft and lovely that fabric is! I can’t get enough of the Archer – just made another the other day 🙂 You guys are too cute!

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