Flowercat shirt


I tend to totally fail at social sewing projects, but when Erin announced the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon – a special cat is part of my identity after all! There’s a ton of great cat fabric out there, but not so much that I would wear, being the quiet, subtle, deeply inhibited person I am. Searching for Japanese fabric on Etsy saved me, though, and when I saw these little cats peeking out from fields of flowers I just had to have it. I wanted an Archer, but thought the print would be too loud by itself. Luckily, Rochelle’s western yoke modification came at just the right time and the whole project came together just like that. It’s got an extra special cat lady connection too, since Jen and Rochelle both have their own beloved cats!



The cat fabric was made by Cocoland in Japan, and is heftier than quilting cotton but a bit lighter than canvas. It would have made a stiff shirt by itself, but it was perfect for the yokes. The rest of the shirt is a Robert Kaufman chambray that was dreamy to work with. Maybe it’s the experience or maybe it’s the well-behaved fabric, but this is the best shirt execution I’ve done yet.

Most of the cats are smooth, but the one closest to the collar is all fuzzy with closed eyes! Eric thinks he’s probably getting stung by a bee, as Dandelion did a couple weeks ago…

I’ve been loving following everyone’s cat-themed projects on Instagram and am really looking forward to Erin’s round up. Thanks for hosting, it’s been really fun!



13 thoughts on “Flowercat shirt

  1. Aw that’s so cute. And finished so beautifully! I have some black and white cat print fabric I’ve been wondering to use for. It’s only a remnant so I think a feature yoke like this will be perfect.

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