Cat and moon sweater


I am absolutely terrible at social sewing challenges and sew alongs, but when Erin announced the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge I knew I had to participate. I looked for cat fabric all over the internet, and settled on a Japanese print with little cats peeking through fields of flowers for a flowercat western Archer. But then I saw this double knit and decided to go ahead and get it too, just in case October flew by and I didn’t have time for a more involved project… and it’s a good thing I did because October is flying by. I may still get that Archer done, but it feels good to not have a looming deadline on something that’s supposed to be fun.

These photos were taken in a southwest-facing room on a foggy morning. Even dress form photos are difficult in this house!


I had visions of a cozy Cation Dolman Top, and ordered two meters of this 60″ wide cotton fabric to be absolutely sure that my sleeves would be long enough. Clearly that’s not what ended up happening – when I pulled it out of the dryer it had shrunk to half its original size! I ended up making a Renfrew instead, and made the sleeves as long as I could. I like the finished sweater, but I’m still a bit disappointed. The fabric is thick enough that I can’t wear anything over it, and with sleeves this short I’m worried about being too chilly…

For a knit tee this was also a difficult sew. The fabric has that double layer, and is so thick that the bindings are bulky and look homemade. The fabric also has a huge amount of stretch and near-zero recovery, which resulted in a seriously stretched out neckline. I added a hefty pleat center front, and I think it looks okay in the end, but ugh, this was not the breezy project I expected!


I do love the print, though, and it’s very soft and cozy. I’m sure it will get wear, either like this or as a sleeveless tank under cardigans if this sleeve length proves to be too awkward. Hooray for cats!


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