Watercolor floral Archer

I finally made an Archer! I’ve attempted a button-down shirt several times in the past but have always gotten stuck somewhere. I love wearing them, though, and a few weeks ago sat down determined to do it, once and for all.


This fabric is one of those J. Crew silk-cotton voiles that Fabric Mart had on sale a few months ago. I actually didn’t mean to get this one – I was on the fence and put it in my cart, then decided against it, but when I gleefully opened up the box a week later, there it was. I figured that since I wasn’t supposed to have this fabric anyway I might as well make a muslin-like thing out of it!


Unfortunately, I totally fell in love with it in the process of making this shirt. That blue! The soft painted flowers! The way the fabric seemed to get softer and more lovely with handling! At first it was so fun to make this discovery, but it sure got stressful when I got to the collar stand, and then the buttonholes. Luckily everything went okay!


While I absolutely love wearing this shirt, I do have some modifications for next time. I think I need to size up, for one. I’ve been getting more and more serious about yoga and I’ve noticed many of my woven tops being a little snug in the shoulders lately. I hope it’s from the yoga, anyway… this is a little scary to me, as I’ve been the same size my entire sewing life and I have been complacent with fitting, just doing my couple minor standard adjustments. I also want to lengthen them hem by an inch or two, an adjustment I wasn’t expecting since I’m on the short side. Finally, and this should have been totally obvious, if the fabric is sheer one must interface both collar stands!!


In the end I think it looks slightly homemade, but totally acceptable. Next time I will slip-stitch the inner collarstand down, as I really have trouble with perfect topstitching very close to the edge of something rather thick. I didn’t even try to put a buttonhole on there. It won’t be used anyway, and there was no way I could risk ruining this fabric!

Finally an in-progress shot of my helper. I leave the garment for just a moment, and he’s on it!




6 thoughts on “Watercolor floral Archer

  1. I love the fabric! It looks like pansies. 🙂 Your kitty apparently likes it, too. It looks like a very wearable muslin to me. Looking forward to seeing your next one. Button downs never seem to work for me, but I like looking at them on other people.

    1. My cat likes anything that’s on the floor. It doesn’t matter if it’s soft, hard, lumpy, whatever, if it is different from the floor itself, he’s on it!

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