The perfect skirt

Photo May 22, 8 24 26 AM

It’s taken me weeks to post this skirt, in part because it’s so very boring. Just a black skirt, nothing really to say about it… except that it’s one of the most amazing garments I’ve ever made! I’ve worn it at least once a week since it was finished.

Image from Grainline Studio

I used Grainline’s Moss Skirt, which has a shape that I’ve been hunting for years now. I love that the skirt registers as straight, not a-line, but doesn’t require a vent at all. I made the banded version straight from the pattern with a tiny bit added to the side seams since my first version turned out slightly small. The fabric is a cotton/poly bottomweight twill from JoAnn. It was bought to make a workhorse of a skirt, but it actually sewed up and is wearing far better than expected.

Like everyone else out there, I’ve been thinking about personal style and making things that really fit into my life. This skirt is one of those pieces!


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