Floral scouts forever

Photo May 21, 8 19 09 AM

I’ve been sewing a lot of silks, synthetics, and soft knits lately, and despite the common assumption that these fabrics are tricky to sew I really wasn’t having much trouble. But then I made up this Scout tee in a cotton voile… oh goodness. I forgot what it was like to sew cotton! The insides of this top display perfection I forgot I am capable of!

This is my third (floral) Scout and I actually remembered to size down, which resulted in much better fit everywhere but the arms. They are comfortable as is, but I prefer just a bit more ease. I really love this pattern – it’s just right for my life!

Photo May 21, 8 16 08 AM

The fabric is from Gather Here, a sweet little store in Cambridge, MA, acquired a couple years ago when my mom and sister visited from California. I wanted to make something special with this fabric, but ended up with the simplest pattern that I already know and love. That’s probably for the best!

Photo May 21, 8 14 49 AM

I’m writing this with a warm catball on my lap. Now that he’s a grown cat he only barely fits under the table and doesn’t often join me for breakfast. I am ready to go sew, but it’s just too special!


7 thoughts on “Floral scouts forever

  1. So pretty! I need to have another go with this pattern, and make it up in something more practical than sequins for everyday life. Yours is just perfect!

  2. Pretty print — the simple shirt style really shows it off. I love sewing cotton. Sometimes I feel kind of lazy when I sew it because it is so easy and it doesn’t pose any challenges! Your little kitty is growing up!

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