Finished: Scout in silk chiffon

2014 4 silk scout

This top was inspired by my work friend, Martha. She invited us over for brunch a couple weeks ago, and as we explored some of the shops in her neighborhood she started describing a lightweight chiffon top that would be ideal to wear to her son’s wedding in Chicago this summer, which inspired me to cut into this Anna Sui silk chiffon that afternoon!

2014 4 silk scout front
Yes, it’s still a size too big. What’s the point of taking notes if you never look at them??

I chose the Scout tee and just got started, despite being pretty intimidated by the fabric. Really, it went just fine, aside from a bit of trouble with the hems. In general, silk just isn’t as hard to sew as I thought it would be, even of the chiffon variety!

2014 4 silk scout side

I used french seams throughout, even on the sleeves, which was terribly exciting until I tried it on and found that I had definitely stitched the underarm seam too tight and couldn’t get the top off. Seriously, I’ve been in tight situations before, but this was by far the tightest. I came very close to cutting myself out before managing to wriggle out and survey the damage. I ended up just cutting off the sleeve and finishing the edges with bias. It’s sloppy, but without sleeves I don’t intend to wear it without a cardigan anyway, as if I even had a choice in this chilly climate.

2014 4 silk scout cardigan


14 thoughts on “Finished: Scout in silk chiffon

  1. That is so pretty! I’m still intimidated by silk chiffon, especially since the other day when I used some to make a simple inifinity scarf! That stuff is slippery! Kudos to you!

    1. I feel like this fabric wasn’t as hard as usual. I have another piece of silk chiffon that is weightless, I’m totally afraid of that one!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the fabric! I don’t think it looks too big, and I was feeling your pain when I got to the bit about the sleeves – I may have muttered “oh, knickers!”.

    1. Thank goodness I managed to get out of it! I fell more and more in love with the fabric when I was making it and I’m perfectly happy to have a sleeveless top ๐Ÿ™‚

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