Doldrums. And a finished top from 2013.

Do you ever go through periods where you’re inspired, you make something, you’re excited during construction, and then it just doesn’t turn out quite right? And then that happens again and again and you wonder why you sew anyway? For the last few months, that’s been me. I have no fewer than six garments hanging around my workstation that just need hems or neckline finishing, but I just can’t seem to get it done because I don’t really like them. None of them are unwearable, either! They’re just not quite right.

Well, this post is getting depressing quickly! Not all recent makes have been disappointments. I have made a few Renfrews and a Plantain tee that I was so happy with I had to wear it before it got hemmed, so make that seven garments that need hems…

And then there is this sweater, which I made when my mom visited last Thanksgiving. It’s another Cation dolman sleeve top, made from a JoAnn sweater knit that I just had to buy when on a zipper run. I had only just decided to avoid synthetics, but couldn’t resist this print. I always have trouble saying no to an abstract but vaguely natural print in blues and neutrals.

ImageI raised the neckline a bit so that it would cover straps, but I think it was too much. I feel a little closed in at the neck and next time will either go back to the original pattern or lower the neckline at center front. There’s not really much else to say about this top. It’s the kind of simple, flattering garment that makes you feel elegant and put together with hardly any effort. I imagine my next version being made from some really luxurious knit, a silk or super-soft wool.

Well, I’m off to sew for another weekend! Despite my disappointments I suppose it’s garments like this and dreams of future versions that keep me coming back!


4 thoughts on “Doldrums. And a finished top from 2013.

  1. This is so pretty – I’m glad you didn’t pass on that fabric! I love this pattern too – I’ve made so many of these!

    I think all of us lose our sewjo from time to time. I had a bout with it this fall. It used to freak me out, but now I know it will eventually come back 🙂

    1. I hope it comes back. I still want to sew, but ugh, nothing is going right! Before starting anything new I’m going to hem all those garments this weekend. I need a fresh start!

  2. This print is fantastic — such pretty colors, and I love the abstract design. I think we all go through our creative ups and downs. What’s great is knowing that the enthusiasm will definitely return when the time is right. I have quite a few unfinished knitting and sewing projects that have lost their luster — I tend to pack them away so I don’t have to be reminded of how much I don’t want to finish them. Then I find a project that gets me jazzed. You’ll get your enthusiasm back!

    1. Hm, that may be a good idea. I’m going to try to hem everything today, no matter what, but if it doesn’t work they’re going out of sight.

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