Finished: Moss Skirt


This post is a bit bittersweet because I think this skirt is already no longer with us. I saw the longer version of the Grainline moss skirt on someone’s blog (sorry, can’t remember now!) and thought it would make a great casual skirt for work. I chose a brown tweed wool/poly blend that I actually really like. It was on sale from and the quality actually seems pretty good.


Unfortunately the fabric has a rather loose weave, which combined with the skirt turning out smaller than anticipated and my not doing 1″ SA (why??? I always do 1″ on the side seams with new patterns, just in case!) caused my seams to just be too fragile. I wore it once, but the second time I noticed the side seam had pulled apart. I love this fabric but I don’t know if there’s a way to save this one…


Oh well. I’m rather horrified by the pocket show through in these photos anyway. I am on the hunt for more brown tweedy wool to make another skirt, though, and I quite like the pattern. It’s really perfect casual business casual, which I need more of!


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