Flower Appreciation: Roses at Golden Gate Park

ice berge 3

Here in SF we are lucky enough to still have a few roses clinging on into the new year. Roses are one of my very favorite flowers, despite being much more complex than the sweet wildflowers I tend to favor. I think part of it is that they are so ubiquitous and easily identifiable, but also contain such depth and variety, which is clearly evident when visiting a rose garden like the one at GGP, even at this time of year.

pink full 2
I love this depth of color! This flower makes me want to make a shaded chiffon dress with a huge skirt…
duet 2
This is a duet flower: dark pink on the outside of the petal, light on the inside.
ice berge
My favorite of the day is the Ice Berge: fluffy white flowers with just a hint of pink.
On the other side of the path is a redwood grove so dense it looks almost black.
Each is absolutely perfect.

7 thoughts on “Flower Appreciation: Roses at Golden Gate Park

  1. So beautiful! Just what I needed to see on a bleak winter day 🙂 I love the top middle picture in your collage – the yellow and pink one. Gorgeous!

    1. I can’t wait to see that variety when actually in season and there are more flowers than just that one droopy (but still amazing!) flower. The color is unreal!

    1. Golden Gate Park is such a special place, I need to make an effort to get there more! I really am close. Thanks for commenting, it led me to your great blog!

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