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I’ve been loving reading everyone’s hits and misses for this year, and though I tend to not be very reflective or analytical when it comes to sewing I couldn’t help but come up with a little list of 2013 sewing hits:

  1. Conquering my fear and starting a blog! I love interacting with you all online, and I’m so happy to also have met a few Bay Area folks in real life. I know I’ll never have a very good blog, but I’m content doing what I can.
  2. Invisible zippers! Why in the world was I so intimidated??
  3. Sewing with knits. The cation dolman  top has really given me confidence sewing knits. I’ve never been happy with my handmade knit garments, but I’ve made four cation tops now, a couple of Jasmine bras, and am moving on to the Renfrew and a rubbed-off camisole next. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me!
  4. Thurlows. They aren’t perfect yet, but again, this pattern is also opening up a new world of possibilities!
  5. Sewing again. I went through a long period where I was unwell, working too much, and hardly making anything, but in the last couple months I have been sewing up a storm. I take it as a good sign!

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Last Month

  1. Happy New Year! A nice list of hits — and I always like visiting your blog. I have to admit, your sewing is beautiful, but I’m especially fond of Dandelion’s photos!

  2. Don’t be silly – you already have a “good” blog!

    That first (yarn cat-astrophe!) picture cracks me up! Cats are the best. And sometimes the worst! But mostly the best! Happy new year!

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