Finished: Thurlows!


Look, pants! I’ve been trying for several months now to make a good pair of pants, and these Thurlows are finally actually good enough to share!

I’m not very good at reading drag lines, and I know it’s nearly impossible to tell with the contrast in these photos, but I don’t think it’s bad at all!

While pretty darn good, they still aren’t quite perfect. I want a more narrowly cut pant and am having trouble getting the fit just right in that style. I don’t want tight, just more straight-legged. That look isn’t so easy to perfect, though, especially as this corduroy grows quite a bit in wear.


I cut a straight 6 this time, and think I may actually size down to a 4 for fabric with stretch. I also need to work on that leg narrowing. I used the slash and overlap method to keep the straight grain, but it wasn’t enough and just taking in the side seams did result in twisting. In one leg. What does that say about my sewing and/or cutting skills!

This is a tremendous success, though, I’m so excited!



12 thoughts on “Finished: Thurlows!

  1. Wow! I think they look really great!

    Geez – I traced out this pattern over a year ago and have yet to make it! I think the wide leg put me off; I should just change that and get on with it!

    1. The fit is really good. Alarmingly good. I thought the burda pants I had been working on fit well, but there’s comparison even with my limited fitting knowledge! Narrowing the legs really isn’t that bad too, and I’m sure it would be a lot easier for you with all your experience!

  2. Before you blame your pattern alteration skills, next time make sure that your fabric grain is straight by pulling a thread across your fabric after clipping into the selvage. A lot of twisted legs are the result of that. I suggest only clipping 1/4″ from the edge, one time I did that and ended up 2 inches in on the other side because the fabric was so off grain!

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