Finished: Cozy Flannel Skirt

Photo Dec 14, 12 29 01 AM
These photos were taken during the Bay Area’s recent deep freeze (meaning it got below freezing…) So cold and windy!

I’m usually a careful planner when it comes to sewing, but lately I’ve been hit with sudden inspirations, this skirt being one of them. This is one of the first pieces of fabric I ever purchased,and, like the black ponte in the last post, it was meant to be a shift dress too. I made half of it into an unlined pencil skirt several years ago, which didn’t work out so well, and decided suddenly that a full skirt would be much better.

Photo Dec 14, 12 27 27 AM
I have no explanation for the waistband. I swear it was straight when I cut it out!

I think it is… but I’m afraid it’s a bit frumpy. Part of that is because I saw what it looked like before it was hemmed, and I’m going to give it a chance to change my mind at this shorter length.

Image from Pattern Review

I used Simplicity 2215, which has asymmetrical pleating, a feature that drew me to the pattern in the first place. I’ve read complaints that the irregular pleating kind of looks like you did something wrong, and though I love the idea of it I’m nervous about that too. I think it looks okay, but again, I’m not entirely convinced.

So we’ll see about this one. I really want to like it!


2 thoughts on “Finished: Cozy Flannel Skirt

  1. I don’t think it’s frumpy – I think it’s cute! Also, I didn’t notice the pleats were asymmetrical until you mentioned it!

    It seemed to me that this pattern got a lot of love a while ago. At least, a lot of people were making it. I really like the line art, but I was always put off by the photo of the model in the dress, because she looks like her boobs are down to her waist, LOL! Now I wish I’d picked this one up in the recent sale!

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