Finished: Seamed Black Dress


I have a beloved simple black shift dress I bought years ago that absolutely can’t be worn anymore, and I recently bought 4 yards of black ponte to replace it and make a couple other garments. Part of the ponte went toward my color blocked dress, and I made a dress not at all like the dress I’m supposed to replace with the rest.

Image from Pattern Review

This dress is riddled with the results of poor choices, but I actually do like the finished product. I used the bodice of Simplicity 1802 and the skirt of Simplicity 1654, which is just a gored circle skirt. My biggest mistake was making this bodice with ponte – that neckline is bulky, despite careful grading and pressing! Also, and this is embarrassing, I didn’t realize this dress had a low v-back until I constructed the bodice. I don’t know how that important detail slipped by, but it foiled my plans at having a nice winter work dress with sleeves. In the end the sleeves looked frumpy anyway so I cut the armscye in a bit to make the dress sleeveless, just guessing where seamline should be. Not a good method, obviously, a well-designed garment doesn’t look like this around the arms!

Lightened to show seaming (and poor fit at the arms…)

It doesn’t matter, though, because it will always be worn like this with that low v  in the back! So much for highlighting that seaming!


The dress is very comfortable and turned out well, despite its little issues, and I’m sure it will be worn to death even though it’s not at all like the original plan. Now I still need to make that shift dress…


10 thoughts on “Finished: Seamed Black Dress

  1. I think it looks fantastic! And I was just looking at this pattern this morning and then decided not to buy it – doh!

    I have a bunch of RTW ponte dresses and I am not sure you can get away without bulkiness in the seams – all my ponte dresses have it. But it’s worth it for the comfort of the material!

    1. But three seams that meet front and center at the neckline? I really could have thought that through better! It is so comfortable, though, and easy to sew!

  2. I really love the seaming detail in front, but I hear you about a low back. The way you styled it in the last photo is really cute — shows off the circle skirt!

    1. Ugh, I don’t know how I missed that (major) detail. I was struck with inspiration and just cut it out without thinking too much, but still. Oh well, it’s still a pretty good dress!

  3. I think this dress is lovely. The seaming on the bodice is beautiful, and the skirt you’ve made is a nicer shape than the one on the pattern. I can see how it will be worn to death because it’s so versatile, it looks great with the green cardy.

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