Last month

Happy September! August was really about not feeling well and trying to get better, unfortunately. I did do some fun sewing though, with my vogue dress and gown, which coming along and will be finished in time! I’m really looking forward to September. I’m feeling better, and the endless fog is just beginning to lift. September and October are supposed to be SF’s “summer,” and I’m looking forward to it!

fog at sunset | close cribbage matches | friendly kitten
twin peaks over fog | home | view from pacific heights mansion
my favorite fruit | a clean window | asters

August ended on a very high note because we adopted a kitten yesterday!! He’s an Abyssinian/Tabby mix, and is four months old. I think we’re calling him Dandelion. How am I ever going to get that gown finished with this sweet kitten around??


9 thoughts on “Last month

  1. Oh my goodness! Your kitten is gorgeous! Dandelion is a great name, it suits him because his eyes are yellow, also he could be Dandy for short. And he is a fine and dandy looking kitten!

  2. Dandelion is so cute! How fun to have a kitten in the house! I'm glad you're feeling better — just in time to enjoy my fave time of the year here in the Bay Area. Hope your gown project is going well!

  3. He's so beautiful. The prettiest cat 🙂 I didn't even think about his eyes being yellow – the name was more about it being a pretty masculine flower name, since obviously he was going to be named after a flower! His coat is ticked too, reminiscent of dandelion puffs.

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