Color Blocked

This dress has been finished for about a month, but for some reason I’ve been having trouble writing this post. Maybe it’s because I’m just not all that excited about the dress.

I actually was excited when planning this project. I ordered some double knits from Fabric Mart during a 50% off sale, with the idea that I need a few basic work dresses that will withstand my bike commute. I didn’t like the actual color of the blue or purple fabrics when they arrived, but seeing the three fabrics stacked together inspired me to combine them, using Simplicity 1665, a design I was very much drawn to.
Image from Pattern Review
I just don’t think it’s that flattering in real life. The yoke and straps don’t look all that great, and there is absolutely no bust shaping. It’s not a bad dress, but it was definitely disappointing.
It was so cold and windy! Brrr…

It is a very serviceable work dress, though, and I do like it more paired with a cardigan.

I do own more than one pair of shoes… these are just my favorites!

So, there you go. It’s not a great dress, but it’s not a fail either. Meh.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my Vogue dress! I’m itching to finish it, but today is my personal deadline for starting that gown. Just three weekends left!


12 thoughts on “Color Blocked

  1. I think it looks great! The colours are lovely together, and I admire anybody who sews with more than one colour of fabric. I'm not great at matching colours, and dread to think about the mess I'd make!

  2. I really like it, and think it looks cute on you! But I know how it is when the finished product doesn't match up with what was in your mind – happens to me a lot!

  3. It's a cute dress, looks great on you and the colour blocking has a mod vibe to it. But I know what you mean, some things that we sew just doesn't look that good to us because it didn't turn out the way we envisaged. Hope the dress will grow on you the more you wear it.

  4. I'm not sure why you don't like it.. I think it is gorgeous on you! Stylistically the blue and white strap effect of the piecing at the top matches your strapped shoes beautifully too. This is a really great outfit overall ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It actually doesn't look shapeless in the photos–which is surprising because I passed over this pattern because of that issue. I hope it grows on you, because it really is cute and flattering to boot.

  6. I really love the colour blocking and the colours you chose, and I think you look lovely! However, I know what you mean and have felt this with a few things I have made. I wonder in this case if the middle block is the one that throws it? Even looking at the pattern drawings, I want to move it lower to an empire line or remove it? But then I guess that would change the design completely! Ha, sorry I haven't helped ๐Ÿ™‚

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