Don’t forget to hand baste…

…when constructing something like this:

to make a seam like this:

Instead of diligently working on that gown I need in less than a month, last weekend I started making Vogue 1350, which has these terrific corner seams in the front and back. It’s my first designer pattern and I was nervous after reading reviews complaining about inadequate instructions for these tricky seams, but I shouldn’t have worried, it’s really not that bad if you baste it!

I’m actually having a blast with this dress. After that year when I hardly made anything, I felt pretty insecure about my skills and gravitated toward super simple patterns. This one really isn’t all that complicated either, but it does require careful, precise sewing, and, you guys, I’m rocking it! I haven’t had to unpick anything yet, and I feel so much more confident about my ability to construct garments. I can still sew!


12 thoughts on “Don’t forget to hand baste…

  1. love the gentle corner. you've done a great job! one will never forget how to sew =). there was one time I stop sewing for couple of years and when I picked it back up, it was even better. i'm sure it will be the same for you!

  2. Those pinpoint turns can seem soooo tricky until you realise the importance of basting. And then, you feel like you're in on some super-amazing secret and you've got the awesome proof to show it. The turn on that dress bodice is fantastic!

  3. I'd never seen this pattern before – what a great design! I love the fabric you're using too – can't wait to see this one finished! You really did nail that corner seam!

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