Trail Review: Local Beaches

We haven’t been hiking in so long! Well, we actually did take a couple nice, camera-free trips to Mt. Tam and the Purisima Redwoods since I last posted a trail review, but even that was a long time ago. Sadly, there are no real plans for hiking in the near future either, but even when we can’t find a moment to get out of our little corner of the peninsula, there is always time to go to the local beach!

I can hardly even believe that I have a neighborhood beach. How did I get so lucky? Our home is at 500 ft. above sea level, and though the beach is only a quarter mile away as the seagull flies, there is a steep, dangerous, eroded cliff to get down and I only found a good way down that doesn’t involve driving a couple weeks ago. It is certainly a good way too, with the *best* wildflower display I’ve seen in the Bay Area yet. It’s not even really wildflower season anymore! I can’t wait until next spring.
Monkeyflower | Paintbrush
Buckwheat | Milk Thistle | Moonwort
Birdsfoot Lotus | Yarrow

16 thoughts on “Trail Review: Local Beaches

  1. So beautiful! You're lucky to have such gorgeousness closeby. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's hot and dry here in the foothills and nothing like the green coolness in the Bay.

  2. These are such beautiful photos. Lucky you to live on the California coast! I visited about 8 years ago for a solo road down the coastal highway — these pictures bring it all back.

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