Emerging from the land of separates

I forgot that I love to sew dresses! I started sewing because I wanted to wear dresses all the time, and though I did make a few of them, somewhere along the line I got stuck making separates. I haven’t made a dress in over a year! Well, I am going to a fancy cocktail party for work tomorrow and I spent the weekend stitching up a new dress. It still needs a zipper, a hem, a final pressing, and some hand stitching on the inside, but I think it will come together in time. More details to come!


16 thoughts on “Emerging from the land of separates

  1. Yea dresses! Obviously they're my favorite. Wish I had more fancy cocktail parties to go to, though. I lead an unglamorous but dress-filled life! Can't wait to see the final creation.

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It was going so well, but then I hit some bumps with those last few things that were supposed to be easy. I hope the finished dress lives up to the tease!

  3. I led a totally unglamorous life until this job too, and really it's still pretty unglamorous – I'm just going to be one of the staff members checking attendees in and such. It is going to be fun building a supply of party dresses, though!

  4. I hope so! I'm not as happy with the skirt, but I have enough sewing experience to reserve judgment until it's hemmed and I'm not wearing socks.

  5. OOOh it looks CUTE! Also, a whole year without sewing a dress??? I'm not sure I could go that long. I think the bulk of my sewing are dresses, and I probably need more seperates. Blouses to be exact.

  6. Well, from what one can tell from the thumbnail, it looks like it was a success! All my dresses have been woefully misshapen thus far! Are you going to post outfit pictures / pictures of the full dress?

  7. Oh dear, keep trying, you'll figure it out! I will definitely do a real post on the dress, just as soon as I can get my husband to take a picture 🙂

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