Big, Bright Flowers

Hooray for a finished item that definitely works! I’ve been perfecting a slim pants pattern, and I needed to renew my enthusiasm with a quick and easy project almost certain to turn out well.
Image from Pattern Review
I used Simplicity 1693, and it turned out beautifully with no fitting issues at all, not that the fit is super important for this style. The collar turned out nicely and the back opening is a pretty detail, but it’s totally unnecessary because the top goes over my head easily. My only disappointment with the pattern is that it doesn’t include guides to cut bias to the appropriate length for the neck and arm holes, instead instructing sewists to use purchased bias tape. All other Simplicity patterns I’ve used have included a bias facing piece, and though I know I can figure out the length and cut my own bias, it’s an extra step that I got used to not doing. I do appreciate that Simplicity tends to favor a bias finish instead of facing either way, though, especially since this is a good pattern for beginners. When I started sewing it was all facings all the time, and ugh, I was disgusted that facings were the method for finishing homemade clothes instead of the clean RTW finish. Thank goodness for the sewing blogs that soon introduced me to bias tape!

Thread loop made from pearl cotton

The fabric is a rayon challis purchased around New Year’s for $2/yd during a Fabric Mart sale. It’s a beautiful fabric – easy to sew and press, lovely to wear, perfect drape. The only thing is that it’s a little too bright and wild for me. I knew that before buying it, but it was such a good price! I figured I could use it to test out a new pattern at least, and at best it would help me feel a bit more comfortable in bigger, brighter prints. We’ll see how much it gets worn, but at least it’s a bit more toned down under a cardigan!


Have you ever bought a piece fabric you knew didn’t match your personality or style because it was good quality and a good price? Did you end up wearing the resulting garment much?

9 thoughts on “Big, Bright Flowers

  1. Great top! It looks really cute on you. Thank goodness for bias tape, no? I used to buy fabric because it was a good deal and never ended up using it or, when I did, was very unhappy with the result.

  2. Good for you for putting that practice in the past! I've been unhappy with cheap, poor quality fabric, but this is my first high quality fabric with atypical (for me) colors. We'll see!

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