Me-Made-May Begins!

Happy May! I’m really loving seeing everyone’s MMM progress. So far so good for me, but I did stare at the closet a bit last night and ended up not totally happy with today’s outfit in part because of the MM limitations. This will be interesting.

  • 5/1 – MM shirt and skirt; worn to the office. It was almost hot in SF this week, and I regretted the sweater choice as soon as I left the house!
  • 5/2 – MM dress; worn to the office. This is the greatest dress ever, and I predict you will see it at least another four times this May.
  • 5/3 – MM dress; worn to the office, and then a school site. This cardigan usually makes an appearance when it’s hot out, but I felt way too bright having the sweater paired with the dress, which is actually much darker in real life. What can I say – like Leslie, boring is my middle name.

As a side note, clearly these aren’t the greatest photos in the world. Sorry. Eric works evenings, I work days, I don’t have a good set up for timed photos, and the light in our house is strong but sometimes severe. I could at least try to make the floor boards straight to avoid vertigo, though. Here’s hoping I learn some photography tricks this month as a side effect of MMM!


6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Begins!

  1. I love your 5/2 dress – what pattern is that? A big part of why I'm not participating is the difficulty/tedium of the pictures – good on you for being three for three!

  2. Thanks! The pattern is Simplicity 2360, which is recently OOP. I really love the pattern! I can see that taking photos is going to be old by the end of the month, but so far I'm having more fun than not.

  3. I totally know what you mean about the mmm13 limitations and not being quite as happy with an outfit. But I am enjoying the challenge of dressing myself in the morning!

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