Sewing Together

Every couple years I make Eric a new pair of pajama pants, and this time I convinced him to give me a hand. He’s a cook by trade and really enjoys making things, so sewing up a pair of pants is a logical next step, right?

It turns out that Eric is a natural at sewing. His seams are so much straighter than my first seams were! He’s mastered cutting, pinning, stitching and finishing seams, and pressing, and is actually kind of excited at the prospect of knowing basic sewing skills for mending and such. I’m excited about that too – mending his clothes is not my favorite use of sewing time!

We still have a a couple seams, casing, and hems to go, but hopefully we’ll finish next weekend. I’m having so much fun sharing my hobby!


8 thoughts on “Sewing Together

  1. That is so exciting! David is always amazed when I make something but isn't really all that interested in learning at the moment I don't think. But I was just thinking about making some pj pants this morning!

  2. I just came across this, and I had to comment because Mr. Cation, who is also named Eric, tried making his own pajama pants when I first got my machine…except that I didn't even help him! He just figured it all out on his own and it drove me crazy that he was so instantly good at it. Of course, that was also the last thing he ever sewed, and I'm still mending his jeans three years later…

  3. How cool! By the way, I showed your blog to Eric way back when you made some plush breakfast toys because he loves stuff like that, and he STILL talks about them. He's a huge Walnut fan too.

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