I appear to have fallen off the blogging wagon already! Ha. There was a lot of unexpected activity last week, both good (turns out I have been chosen for a really exciting new job starting later this week! last minute easter egg hunt!), and not so good (big deadline for my other job, sick again…).

I’ve hardly sewn a stitch, but will be spending all day today making things for a tea party that my friend is hosting later this month. We are making eight napkins with pockets for name cards, a burlap and ribbon table runner, and crocheted flowers to grace the table-top. Normally that much narrow hemming would elicit a groan, but it will be fun to do it with a friend!

Despite the wildness of the week I have been piecing this scout tee together bit by bit. The fabric is absolutely amazing. Maybe by next Monday I’ll have finished photos, but don’t hold your breath!


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