Archer Sew Along Begins!

Jen’s Archer Sew Along begins today and I’m so happy to be participating! I’ve always wanted to participate in a sew along, since way back when Gertie first did her coat sew along, but it’s never worked out – I was either too busy, not interested in the style, or the design was too easy and the pace too slow. This shirt sew along came at just the right time, and it’s kind of the perfect project. Not so involved as to be overwhelming with my erratic and unpredictable schedule, but not so easy as to be too slow. I’ve never made a real button-up shirt with a collar stand and cuffs either, so I’m sure Jen’s wisdom will be really helpful.

Line Drawing from Grainline Studio

I’m making the plain version (view A) out of a cotton rose print shirting I bought on super-sale from Fabric Mart in December. It might be a little crisp for Archer’s looser fit, but I’m hoping it will soften a bit after a few more washings. I’m trying to replace a shirt that I bought in high school and wore constantly for ten years. In the end it was barely suitable for even wearing under sweaters, and it was officially put to rest when we packed up a mini-van for our Boston to SF move last October. I’ve had an eye out for a rose print to replace the shirt for a few years but it’s been surprisingly hard to find the perfect fabric, and unfortunately this isn’t it either. The flowers were described as being quarter-sized, which I thought may be too big, but they’re actually even bigger than that, putting them in the too big to blend, too small to be chic range. I do like the colors and the print, though, and one can never have too many floral shirts! Here’s one of those cool bathroom mirror photos to show scale:

I’m not making a muslin since I don’t love the fabric and the fit looks pretty forgiving. This is a looser silhouette than I usually wear, but I’m excited to try it out. Many thanks to Jen for putting this on!


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