Welcome spring!

Spring is probably my favorite season. I love the new flowers coming up, the first few warm days, the way everything feels so fresh and new. This is my first spring in a climate where the seasons aren’t so obvious, but even here by the ocean I’ve spotted new wildflowers and grass. We’ve also had a lot more chilly fog in the last few weeks than through the winter – signs of summer?

To celebrate spring I brought some daffodils home. They brighten the whole house!

I recently finished a pair of spring-inspired mitts as well. I absolutely love fingerless mitts and wear them constantly. It’s amazing how much warmer you feel when the backs of your hands are covered!

I just couldn’t get a good photo – they’re a bit darker in real life

I used the Vineyard Lace Mitts pattern, free on Ravelry (my project is here). It was a fun pattern to knit up, and I love the leafy lace. No alterations besides making the mitts shorter for use while typing. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn for the first time, and I actually liked knitting with it! I tend to avoid 100% acrylic yarns, but it doesn’t have that plastic shine and seems to be holding up pretty well. I have been having lots of trouble with big stitches at the intersection of the double pointed needles, no matter how tight I pull, but didn’t have trouble at all with this yarn. Thinking about it, I haven’t really had trouble with any yarn except Wool-Ease, which tends to be my most-used yarn due to availability and budget. Has anyone else had problems with Wool-Ease? Any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive yarn that you have had good results with?


2 thoughts on “Welcome spring!

  1. I've liked all the Valley brand yarns sold through WEBS. They're inexpensive and quite good quality. The problem there though is that you can't just run to the shop to get a ball or two!Your mitts look great!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check that brand out. I tend to buy yarn on a whim when I see a color I have to have, but it's time to step up the quality!

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