frosting for a new life

There’s a lot of discussion out there about “cake” and “frosting” clothes, with many people saying they sew way too much frosting. I’ve always been the opposite, and sew way too much cake. I know that sounds like a good thing, and I do get a lot of wear out of the clothes I make, but sometimes I wish I were inclined to make pretty, flowery dresses too!

All cake and no frosting = boring.

For the last few years I have worked in a business casual office in New England, and wore mostly skirts and dresses with cardigans. Does it sound like I looked like a librarian? Because I actually was one, but unfortunately wasn’t really all that cute and retro. Then we moved back home to California a few months ago (yay!) and I’m working from home, and I have nothing to wear. I still love dresses, but is it worth it to wear out tights while just at home? Is that an ascetic question?

Regardless, it’s time for pants, pretty tops, comfy sweaters, and flats. Which really means, besides the pants part, it’s time to sew frosting! I envision a closet full of pretty, relaxed blouses and camisoles, and thanks to a huge Fabric Mart sale earlier this year, this is going to be a reality!

On to pattern testing:*

Simplicity 2211

I made this blouse a couple months ago as a test run for S2211, the Lisette Market blouse. I had really high hopes, but sadly this top just doesn’t work for me. It’s so big in the back; I had to put in darts, take in the sides, and it’s still not right. The top part fits okay, though, so maybe I can figure something out. In my disappointment about this top, though, I suddenly remembered that I have this one shoved in the back of my closet:

Simplicity 2593

I made this, oh, two years ago? I loved the fabric and it turned out well, but it had a twisted collar that looked terrible under a sweater, so I never actually wore it. Two minutes with the seam ripper, and I have exactly the sort of top that I’ve been coveting! I want to try these new patterns as well.

Views D, E, C minus the elastic


Peplums aren’t out yet, are they?
Love everything Jen does

*i guess blog rules say your pictures should be the same width and fill the entire width of the column. sorry. not yet. maybe someday.


4 thoughts on “frosting for a new life

  1. Well, congrats on starting a blog! I enjoy keeping mine simply as a record of things I've made and making connections with kindred souls. I always attempted to keep paper journals growing up and never succeeded, but I've kept up with a blog for some reason. I've heard great things about grainline's scout woven tee.

  2. omg, my first comment! And from the great Liza Jane nonetheless 🙂 I hope I keep a better record with the blog too, paper never worked for me either. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Oh hai, Kelly! I just came over from the comment you left on my blog this evening, and I recognized your cute red top from my look through the Burda projects today! And now I see this is a brand new blog! Yay!I had a similar experience with the Lisette Market Blouse. Such a pity, because it's so cute. But the fit was just terrible for me. And I think your blog is beautifully designed! Don't even worry about the pictures matching 😉 Looking forward to following what you do!

  4. Hi Gail, thanks for stopping by!! And thanks for your reassurance about the photo width. I seriously don't care when looking at others' blogs, but I'm finding myself picky about every little detail.

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